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Three musicians based in Zurich have come together to expand the boundaries of the musical genres of their instruments.


With their unusual instrumentation of recorders (Silvia Berchtold), guitar (Francesco Braggio) and double bass (Heike Schäfer), they wander back and forth between baroque chaconne, traditional klezmer music, spirited tangos and other distant sounds. 

Their concerts are a journey into a colourful world of lively sound, both thoughtful and melancholic.


Music from and for the world! 


Sara Fr...


Andrea Recinelli and Francesco Braggio studied together at Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome, at the Maastricht Conservatory and at the University of the Arts of Zurich.

They began to play together in Maastricht in 2012 and since then they perform regularly in the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. Their repertoire is very diverse and ranges from classical and romantic to contemporary music.

Their last project "Sounds of a Life" aims to describe the life of the composer Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco through some of his selected pieces from "Les Guitares bien tempérées op.199" , together with the contribution of a visual artist who accompanies the two musician with a live drawing performance.

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